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A podcast-level credit representing a unique role of a unique creator who is attached to one or more episodes of a podcast.

type PodcastCredit {
id: ID
podcast: Podcast!
creator: Creator!
role: Role!
modifiedDate: DateTime
episodeCount: Int!
filters: CreditFilters
first: Int = 10
page: Int = 0
searchTerm: String
sort: Sort
paginationType: PaginationType
cursor: String
): EpisodeCreditList


id (ID)

podcast (Podcast!)

The podcast and all its data.

creator (Creator!)

The creator and all their data.

role (Role!)

What role they had within the episode, such as host, guest, producer, and many others.

modifiedDate (DateTime)

The date the podcast credit was last updated or was added.

episodeCount (Int!)

The number of episodes this creator was in this role for the podcast.

episodeCredits (EpisodeCreditList)

The individual episode-level credits for each episode this creator was in this role for.

Limits number of fetched elements. Maximum allowed value: 100.

The offset from which elements are returned.

A search term to filter on.

How to sort the results

Which type of pagination to use

The cursor from which to retrieve the next page of results