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type CreditSubmission {
id: ID
creator: Creator!
podcast: Podcast!
role: Role!
operationType: CreditSubmissionOperation
characterName: String
state: CreditSubmissionState
first: Int = 10
page: Int = 0
searchTerm: String
sort: Sort
paginationType: PaginationType
cursor: String
): EpisodeList


id (ID)

creator (Creator!)

podcast (Podcast!)

role (Role!)

operationType (CreditSubmissionOperation)

characterName (String)

state (CreditSubmissionState)

episodes (EpisodeList)

Limits number of fetched elements. Maximum allowed value: 100.

The offset from which elements are returned.

A search term to filter on.

How to sort the results

Which type of pagination to use

The cursor from which to retrieve the next page of results