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The creator object and all of its attributes.

type Creator {
pcid: String!
name: String
informalName: String
pronouns: Pronoun
subtitleShort: String
subtitle: String
location: String
bio: String
url: Url
birthday: Date
imageUrl: Url
modifiedDate: DateTime
socialLinks: CreatorSocialLinks
followerCount: Int
episodeAppearanceCount: Int
filters: CreditFilters
first: Int = 10
page: Int = 0
searchTerm: String
sort: Sort
paginationType: PaginationType
cursor: String
): PodcastCreditList


pcid (String!)

The public Podchaser ID of the creator

name (String)

The full name of the creator

informalName (String)

A shorter, informal version of the creator's name

pronouns (Pronoun)

The pronouns used to refer to the creator

subtitleShort (String)

Auto-generated subtitle based on the top credit for the creator.

subtitle (String)

Auto-generated subtitle based on the top 3 credits for the creator.

location (String)

Location of the creator, if provided by creator.

bio (String)

Creator's bio as added by creator.

url (Url)

The URL for the creator's page on Podchaser

birthday (Date)

Birthday of the creator, if provided by creator.

imageUrl (Url)

The creator's image within Podchaser.

modifiedDate (DateTime)

When the creator entity was last updated within Podchaser.

The social media handles for the creator.

followerCount (Int)

The number of users who follow the creator.

episodeAppearanceCount (Int)

The number of episodes the creator has appeared on.

credits (PodcastCreditList)

All of the credits for the creator.

Limits number of fetched elements. Maximum allowed value: 100.

The offset from which elements are returned.

A search term to filter on.

How to sort the results

Which type of pagination to use

The cursor from which to retrieve the next page of results