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The brand object and all of its attributes.

type Brand {
id: ID!
name: String!
code: String!
estimatedAdSpend(from: DateTime, to: DateTime): EstimatedAdSpend
first: Int = 10
page: Int = 0
searchTerm: String
sort: PodcastSort
paginationType: PaginationType
cursor: String
): PodcastSponsorList


id (ID!)

Podchaser's internal brand ID.

name (String!)

The name of the brand.

code (String!)

The code to use when searching

estimatedAdSpend (EstimatedAdSpend)

EXPERIMENTAL BETA - the estimated dollar amount this brand spent on sponsorships between certain dates

Only available with certain permissions.

sponsoredPodcasts (PodcastSponsorList)

Only available with certain permissions.

Limits number of fetched elements. Maximum allowed value: 100.

The offset from which elements are returned.

A search term to filter on.

How to sort the results

Which type of pagination to use

The cursor from which to retrieve the next page of results