Filters that can be applied to a podcasts query.

type PodcastFilters {
country: String
rating: RatingFilter
categories: [String]
modifiedDate: DateRangeInput
powerScore: [RangeInput]
identifiers: [PodcastIdentifier]


country (String)

Expected in 2-character country code, such as us or ca.

rating (RatingFilter)

Filter by the average rating given by Podchaser user's for the podcast.

categories ([String])

Filter by the Podchaser categories attached to the podcast. Must search using the 'slug' of the category.

modifiedDate (DateRangeInput)

Filter by the date that any of the data within Podchaser was updated for a podcast.

powerScore ([RangeInput])

Filter by the podcast's PowerScore.

identifiers ([PodcastIdentifier])

Filter by specific podcast identifiers. Use Podchaser ID for best performance.