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Filters that can be applied to a episodes query.

type EpisodeFilters {
airDate: [DateRangeInput]
length: [RangeInput]
modifiedDate: DateRangeInput
podcastPowerScore: [RangeInput]
isExplicit: [Boolean]
sponsoredBy: [String]
episodeType: [EpisodeType]
categories: CategoriesFilter
brandSafety: BrandSafetyFilter


airDate ([DateRangeInput])

Filter by when the episode aired, according to its publisher.

length ([RangeInput])

Filter by how long an episode is, in seconds.

modifiedDate (DateRangeInput)

Filter by the date that any of the data within Podchaser was updated for an episode.

podcastPowerScore ([RangeInput])

Filter by the podcast's PowerScore.

isExplicit ([Boolean])

Filter by whether the episode has been marked as explicit by the publisher.

sponsoredBy ([String])

Filter by which brands have sponsored each episode. Use the brand's 'code'. For searching for a brand's code, use the brands query.

episodeType ([EpisodeType])

Filter by the episodes' type. These can be full, bonus, or trailer episodes.

categories (CategoriesFilter)

Filter by the Podchaser categories attached to the episode's podcast. Must search using the 'slug' of the category.

brandSafety (BrandSafetyFilter)

Filter out (exclude) episodes based on the episode's brand safety risk assessments.