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Filters that can be applied to a episodes query.

type EpisodeFilters {
airDate: [DateRangeInput]
length: [RangeInput]
modifiedDate: DateRangeInput
podcastPowerScore: [RangeInput]
isExplicit: [Boolean]
sponsoredBy: [String]
episodeType: [EpisodeType]


airDate ([DateRangeInput])

Filter by when the episode aired, according to its publisher.

length ([RangeInput])

Filter by how long an episode is, in seconds.

modifiedDate (DateRangeInput)

Filter by the date that any of the data within Podchaser was updated for an episode.

podcastPowerScore ([RangeInput])

Filter by the podcast's PowerScore.

isExplicit ([Boolean])

Filter by whether the episode has been marked as explicit by the publisher.

sponsoredBy ([String])

Filter by which brands have sponsored each episode. Use the brand's 'code'. For searching for a brand's code, use the brands query.

episodeType ([EpisodeType])

Filter by the episodes' type. These can be full, bonus, or trailer episodes.