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type CreatorInput {
name: String
informalName: String
pronouns: Pronoun
location: String
biography: String
birthday: Date
profileImage: String
twitter: Url
wikipedia: Url


name (String)

The creator's full name

informalName (String)

The creator's informal name to be used in casual sentences, usually the first name

pronouns (Pronoun)

The creator's pronouns for use when referring to them in sentences

location (String)

The city the creator is from (will be verified using Google Places API

biography (String)

A brief biography of the creator

birthday (Date)

The creator's date of birth

profileImage (String)

A base64 encoded version of the creator profile image, submitted as a data URL

twitter (Url)

The full URL of the creator's Twitter profile

wikipedia (Url)

The full URL of a Wikipedia article about the creator