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Retrieve chart data for Apple Podcasts charts or Spotify charts by country, day, and category. Requires our plus or pro plans.

Only available with certain permissions.

platform: ChartPlatform!
day: Date!
category: String
country: String
sort: [QueryChartsSortOrderByClause!] = []
first: Int = 10
page: Int = 0
): ChartPositionPaginator


platform (ChartPlatform!)

The platform to pull charts for.

day (Date!)

The date of the charts to pull.

category (String)

Which category charts to pull.

country (String)

The country the charts are for. Expected in 2-character country code, such as us or ca.

sort ([QueryChartsSortOrderByClause!])

first (Int)

Limits number of fetched items. Maximum allowed value: 100.

page (Int)

The offset from which elements are returned.



A paginated list of ChartPosition items.