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Podchaser GraphQL API Overview

The Podchaser API allows you to create scripts and integrations for submitting, editing, and deleting Podchaser data. Additionally, using our Oauth system, you can allow users to authenticate your app to be able to create, edit, and delete user data, such as ratings, reviews, and lists.

Quick Reference

Use Cases

  • Hosting providers can submit a podcast to Podchaser when a user sets up their podcasts
  • Hosting providers can submit episodes or credits to Podchaser when a user adds a new episode
  • Podcast players can allow users to leave Podchaser ratings and reviews from within the player
  • Podcast players or other apps can allow users to create and edit Podchaser lists
  • Podcast players can show users similar podcasts and other podcasts that guests have appeared on
  • Services can load podcast insights to be able to review audience size, demographics, and more
  • And much more!

About GraphQL

GraphQL is a query language and is a newer alternative to REST APIs. It allows clients to request only the exact fields they need and combine/next multiple types. This allows you to get most of the data you need within a single request instead of multiple large requests.

GraphQL mirrors JSON and is hierarchical allowing data to have nested fields and entities. For example, instead of having separate endpoints for getting a creator and getting episodes they have appeared on, you can get both sets of data within a single creator object.

Displaying a "Powered By" Badge

You can display a "Powered By Podchaser" badge within your app, service, or integration! We created a zip that contains a variety of sizes and colors. Download "Powered By" assets.