Guides and Examples

Your First Podchaser Query

Looking to get your authorization token and perform your first query? Check out our getting started guide.

Searching or Browsing Podcasts

Need to browse the podcasts or search for podcasts? Check out our Filtering, Sorting, and Searching Podcasts guide.

Getting Charts for an Individual Podcast

Need to get Apple Podcast and Spotify charts for a podcast? Check out our Getting Charts for an Individual Podcast guide.

Using User OAuth To Get The Access Token

Need to make changes on Podchaser on behalf of users? Want to allow users to leave Podchaser ratings and reviews or edit their lists? Check out our User Oauth guide.

Using Cursor Pagination To Retrieve More Results

If cursor pagination is included in your API contract, you can use it to gain deeper access to the Podchaser API. More information in our Cursor Pagination guide