Submitting Credits

Regular Credits

A credit is made up of these four pieces of information:

  • a podcast
  • a creator
  • a role
  • one or more episodes

Additionally, voice actor roles have an additional piece of information:

  • character name

All credit submissions (for adding or removing) go through a moderation process and will need to be approved before changes will be visible on the website or in any apps utilising Podchaser's data. A credit submission is associated with a Podchaser user for tracking and notification when their credit is approved or rejected.

There are three mutations related to submitting credits:

Add Credit to Episodes to submit credits that should be added to the database

Remove Credit from Episodes to submit credits that should removed from the database

Remove Character from Episodes to remove a specific character from episodes where a creator has more than one voice actor credit

Selecting Episodes

All of the above mutations use an EpisodeSelection input type to determine which episodes a credit should be added to or removed from. To assist with credit submissions in particular cases, there are 3 ways a set of episodes can be selected for a credit:

  • ALL_EPISODES will select all valid episodes for the podcast.
  • DATE_RANGE will select all valid episodes which were published between the two dates, based on the pubDate element of the episode.
  • SPECIFIC_EPISODES will select all valid episodes matching the set of identifiers passed in. These identifiers can be either Podchaser IDs as returned by the API, or the guid value from the RSS feed.

Recurring Credits

A recurring credit is an additional credit type signifying that a creator will play a particular role in any future episodes of a particular podcast. While a recurring credit is in place, any new episodes released will have the credit added automatically.

As with regular credits, recurring credits also go through a moderation process before they take effect.

There are two mutations related to submitting recurring credits:

Add Recurring Credit to submit a recurring credit that should be added

Remove Recurring Credit to submit a recurring credit that should be removed

Note: Removing a recurring credit does not remove any regular credits from existing episodes, it simply means the credit will not be added to any new episodes released by the podcast.

Handling errors

Existing submission

If a user has already submitted a credit for the same podcast, creator, role and episodes (and character where valid) then a CreditSubmissionAlreadySubmittedError will be returned.

Redundant submission

If a user submits a credit that would not make any changes to the existing data, ie. submitting a credit that only included episodes which have already had that role confirmed for them, or submitting the addition of a recurring credit that already exists, then a RedundantCreditSubmissionError will be returned.

Invalid episode selection

If the EpisodeSelection provided does not match any episodes in our database then an InvalidEpisodeSelectionError will be returned. This could be caused by a few reasons:

  • SPECIFIC_EPISODES was selected, but the IDs provided do not match any episodes in our database
  • DATE_RANGE was selected, but the podcast has no episodes between the range provided
  • ALL_EPISODES was selected on a podcast that has no valid episodes